Wodonga Autogas & 4WD Centre

Vehicle Servicing

At Wodonga Autogas & 4WD we can perform vehicle servicing for all makes and models. Whether it's logbook servicing for your new car, or a major service for an older vehicle, we'll ensure that your car is running reliably. During our logbook servicing, our qualified mechanics use original manufacturer components so that you maintain your factory warranty, while still receiving our friendly customer service. We also inspect for any worn or damaged components that may require repairs or replacement. To find out more, or to book in for a service, contact us today.

Gas Conversions, Service & Repairs

LPG vehicles are our specialty at Wodonga Autogas & 4WD. Our skilled team are able to convert your vehicle to LPG or repair and service your existing system to run smoothly and reliably. We also have the equipment to perform gas tank testing. At Wodonga Autogas & 4WD our mechanics are experienced in all types of LPG powered vehicles and have a comprehensive knowledge of the unique faults that these vehicles may present. To find out more about LPG conversions, repairs and servicing, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Brake and Clutch Repairs

Your car's brakes can wear over time which can result in reduced stopping power, squealing brakes or shuddering steering under braking. If you've experienced any of these symptoms, we can assess your brakes and repair or replace components where necessary. We will get your car stopping like the manufacturer intended it to, keeping you and your passengers safer on the road. We can also perform professional clutch repairs if you have a worn or damaged clutch. If your car accelerates slowly or your clutch pedal feels less responsive than it once did, you may be in need of clutch repairs. To find out more about clutch and brake repairs, contact us.

Steering and Suspension

The state of your vehicle's steering and suspension components is directly related to how it handles on the road. Over time, these components will wear and the vehicle will handle less predictably than it once did. Defective suspension components can also result in a rough ride for you and your passengers, and can also cause uneven tyre wear and reduced grip on the road. We can supply and fit top quality components from many reputable brands to get your car handling like new again. If you'd like to arrange an assessment of your vehicle's steering and suspension components, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Exhaust Repairs

The team at Wodonga Autogas & 4WD can repair and replace exhausts on all makes and models. Whether you need a performance exhaust for your four-wheel drive, or a standard affordable replacement for your family car, we have the exhaust system to suit your needs. Your vehicle's exhaust wears over time and won't dispel gases produced in the engine as efficiently. Worn exhausts may also crack and rattle. If you'd like to arrange a quote on an exhaust for your car or 4WD, contact us today.

Transmission Servicing

We also offer transmission servicing at Wodonga Autogas & 4WD. Our expert team can perform routine servicing on your transmission so that it continues to shift smoothly. Having your transmission routinely serviced helps to prevent any costly damage from occurring. We can service automatic and manual transmissions on all makes and models. To find out more, or to book in for a transmission service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Pre-trip Vehicle and Caravan Safety Inspections

If you're planning a holiday or long journey, our skilled team can have your pre-trip inspections covered for all passeneger vehicles, four-wheel drives, caravans and trailers. Don't risk ruining your trip with a breakdown, we will make sure that your car and caravan are operating as safely and reliably as possible. Our pre-trip inspections keeps you and your passengers safe on the road and also cover all campers and horse floats. To find out more, contact us today.

Gas Cylinder Testing

At Wodonga Auto Gas & 4WD we can perform a wide range of gas cylinder testing. We can fill all types of gas bottles including BBQ, automotive and forklife bottles. We can safely and quickly refill your bottle. If you'd like a gas cylinder test, or a refill, please don't hesitate to contact us.